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Ecomhunt Alternative: Is It Worth It? [Review]

If you’ve been dropshipping for more than a few weeks then you’ve likely heard of Ecom Hunt. It’s one of the many winning product tools and its purpose is to provide you with a list of “hot” products that you can sell on your own store.

When you are starting a business with a limited budget it’s important you invest in a tool that can provide results. So is Ecom Hunt worth it? The short answer is no. Nowadays there are better alternatives that can provide the same features as EcomHunt but with much more.

First, let’s break down what EcomHunt does and offers. Essentially they post a list of “hand picked” products daily that contains information such as Facebook ad reports, AliExpress reviews & suppliers, descriptions, etc. Basically, the things you would need to start selling a product without having to do the research yourself. The problem with this is that only a couple new products are posted every day, which means the chances of them becoming saturated by other members is high.

EcomHunt Alternative — Niche Scraper

Our top alternative to EcomHunt is Niche Scraper. It basically offers the same features that EcomHunt does, but with one major difference — you have unlimited access to a powerful product scraping bot. What exactly does this mean? Let’s go over it.

The Product Scraper

Imagine you had a bot that could crawl every Shopify store and AliExpress page. Now imagine that bot could analyze each of these products and calculate their winning product potential based on factors such as competition, sales history, growth rate, and more? That is exactly what Niche Scraper’s product scraping tool does. This is something no other winning product tool offers and is honestly one of the most powerful ways to do product research.

Hand Picked Products

If you are a beginner and enjoy the idea of having Facebook Ad targeting, suppliers, videos, etc. all provided for you, Niche Scraper offers this as well. Look for the hand-picked products section of the website, and you will see a very similar service to EcomHunt.

Facebook Video Ad Generator

Once you have a winning product picked out, the next thing you will want to do is market the product on Facebook using advertising. Now, it’s no secret that video ads almost always outperform images ads, but it's extremely time-consuming to create a video for each product. Niche Scraper offers a solution to this with its Facebook Video Ad Generator tool. All you have to do is enter a product page URL and click the “generate” button. In seconds the software will create a high converting video you can use for your advertisement to test your product. Wow!

Niche Scraper vs. EcomHunt Pricing

Normally, Niche Scraper costs $47 a month. This is already worth it for the number of features that you are getting. However, there is a discount code that decreases that price to only $18 a month.

Discount code: TRENDING18

This means that Niche Scraper is cheaper than EcomHunt’s $29 a month plan. Another point to Niche Scraper.

EcomHunt Alternative — Conclusion

After comparing the two tools, both are great options. However, considering Niche Scraper is cheaper and offers the same features plus more… The clear winner as the best product research tool is NicheScraper.


  1. thank you for the information you shared about the two services providers, as per that would you please let us know if facebook video ads are only a collection of images or it is a real video?

  2. Great article really insightful and helpful thanks for the discount btw!!!! deleted ecomm hunt and bigspy lol

  3. Very informative! Thank you. How to get the favebook ad video generator tool?

  4. Hi, great content! would you like to writing us a review?
    contact me:

  5. I think NicheScraper team paid for U because this blog is unfair, EcomHunt is better and the features like "Facebook Video Ad Generator" are useless


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