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Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

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Dropshipping Guide: 101

Before dropshipping, there were two major ecommerce models: Make a unique product from scratch.  Do you love knitting cashmere cat sweaters? Great! You’ll have a completely unique product to bring to the marketplace. But can you create demand and scale your business? Purchase inventory in bulk.  You won’t need to develop a new product, but you might get stuck with a garage full of widgets you can’t sell. If you do get traction, you’ll need to tackle fulfilling and shipping orders on your own. With dropshipping, you are only responsible for marketing and selling the products. Another person in the supply chain worries about product, inventory, packaging and shipping. But that means rather than finding efficiencies in the system, you’ll need to get very clever to take on Amazon, big box stores and other dropshipping ecommerce stores. The Pros & Cons of Dropshipping Dropshipping can sound like a magic bullet for making money online, but don’t be fooled. Like anything el

Ecomhunt Alternative: Is It Worth It? [Review]

If you’ve been dropshipping for more than a few weeks then you’ve likely heard of Ecom Hunt. It’s one of the many winning product tools and its purpose is to provide you with a list of “hot” products that you can sell on your own store. When you are starting a business with a limited budget it’s important you invest in a tool that can provide results. So is Ecom Hunt worth it? The short answer is no . Nowadays there are better alternatives that can provide the same features as EcomHunt but with much more. First, let’s break down what EcomHunt does and offers. Essentially they post a list of “hand picked” products daily that contains information such as Facebook ad reports, AliExpress reviews & suppliers, descriptions, etc. Basically, the things you would need to start selling a product without having to do the research yourself. The problem with this is that only a couple new products are posted every day, which means the chances of them becoming saturated by other